We at "mushki's" welcomes you.  Please come with us and take a brief journey to the beautiful, sparkling, enchanting world of colors. People says it "Mantone Color Chart". The basic problem  the young and talented designer faces in creating any elegant, trendy, contemporary, unique, Costume Jewellery design  is to match Fabric colors with the Glass. The opacity of cloth and transparent nature of glass adds to their problems. Ever since i am in this beautiful world of colors, i intended to fill this gap. There are enormous color charts available by the paint and  Textile industry but with their own Positive and negative points not a single one can bridge the visual gap between the color of Fabric and that of Glass. Here is my effort....... Pl come and enjoy the most precious gift the nature has given to this mankind.... The world of colors ................

                                          Amethyst                             Blue

                                               Green                                            Jet

                                                                Red                                                   White   




Name: Amethyst-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Amethyst-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Amethyst-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  1-Amy-111 Code:  1-Amy-211 Code:  1-Amy-311
Name: Amethyst-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: Amethyst-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Purple-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  1-Amy-131 Code:  1-Amy-231 Code:  1-Purple-111
Name: Purple-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Purple-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Purple-Lt-Opaque-Plain
Code:  1-Purple-211 Code:  1-Purple-311 Code:  1-Purple-131
Name: Violet-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Violet-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Violet-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  1-Violet-211 Code:  1-Violet-311 Code:  1-Violet-231
Name: Violet-Dk-Opaque-Plain    
Code:  1-Violet-331



Name: Aqua-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Aqua-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Aqua-Lt-Opaque-Plain
Code:  2-Aqua-111 Code:  2-Aqua-211 Code:  2-Aqua-131
Name: Aqua-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Blue-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Blue-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Aqua-231 Code:  2-Blue-111 Code:  2-Blue-211

Name: Blue-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Blue-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Blue Gray-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Blue-311 Code:  2-Blue-231 Code:  2-Blue Gray-111
Name: Indigo-Iolite-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Montana-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Montana-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Indigo-Iolite-211 Code:  2-Montana-211 Code:  2-Montana-311
Name: Navy-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Navy-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Royal Blue-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Navy-211 Code:  2-Navy-311 Code:  2-Royal Blue-211
Name: Royal Blue-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Royal Blue-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Supphire-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Royal Blue-311 Code:  2-Royal Blue-231 Code:  2-Supphire-111
Name: Supphire-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Supphire-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Supphire-Lt-Translucent-Plain
Code:  2-Supphire-211 Code:  2-Supphire-311 Code:  2-Supphire-121
Name: Supphire-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Supphire-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: Supphire-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  2-Supphire-211 Code:  2-Supphire-131 Code:  2-Supphire-231
Name: Teal-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Turq-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Turq-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  2-Teal-211 Code:  2-Turq-211 Code:  2-Turq-311
Name: Turq-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Turq-Dk-Translucent-Plain Name: Turq-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  2-Turq-221 Code:  2-Turq-321 Code:  2-Turq-231
Name: Turq-Dk-Opaque-Plain    
Code:  2-Turq-331    


Name: Aqua-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Dhani Lime-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Dhani Lime-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Aqua-111 Code:  3-Dhani Lime-111 Code:  3-Dhani Lime-311
Name: Dhani Lime-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Green-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Green-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Dhani Lime-221 Code:  3-Green-111 Code:  3-Green-211
Name: Green-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Green-Lt-Translucent-Plain Name: Mehandi-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Green-311 Code:  3-Green-121 Code:  3-Mehandi-111
Name: Mehandi-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Mehandi-Lt-Translucent-Plain Name: Mehandi-Md-Translucent-Plain
Code:  3-Mehandi-211 Code:  3-Mehandi-121 Code:  3-Mehandi-221
Name: Mint-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Mint-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Mint-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Mint-111 Code:  3-Mint-211 Code:  3-Mint-311
Name: Mint-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Olive-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Olive-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Mint-231 Code:  3-Olive-211 Code:  3-Olive-311
Name: Parrot-Lt-Translucent-Plain Name: Parrot-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Sea Green-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Parrot-121 Code:  3-Parrot-221 Code:  3-Sea Green-211
Name: Sea Green-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Sea Green-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: Sea Green-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  3-Sea Green-311 Code:  3-Sea Green-131 Code:  3-Sea Green-231
Name: Teal-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Teal-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Teal-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  3-Teal-111 Code:  3-Teal-211 Code:  3-Teal-311
Name: Teal-Lt-Translucent-Plain Name: Teal-Md-Translucent-Plain  
Code:  3-Teal-121 Code:  3-Teal-221



Name: Gray-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Gray-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Jet-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  4-Gray-111 Code:  4-Gray-211 Code:  4-Jet-231







Name: Jet-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Smoke-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Smoke-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  4-Jet-331 Code:  4-Smoke-111 Code:  4-Smoke-211



Name: Chocolate-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Chocolate-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Cyan-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  5-Chocolate-231 Code:  5-Chocolate-331 Code:  5-Cyan-111
Name: Cyan-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Cyan-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Cyan-Dk-Opaque-Plain
Code:  5-Cyan-211 Code:  5-Cyan-231 Code:  5-Cyan-331
Name: Garnet-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Garnet-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Garnet-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  5-Garnet-211 Code:  5-Garnet-311 Code:  5-Garnet-231
Name: Garnet-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Lavender-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Lavender-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  5-Garnet-331 Code:  5-Lavender-111 Code:  5-Lavender-211
Name: Lavender-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Orange-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Orange-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  5-Lavender-231 Code:  5-Orange-111 Code:  5-Orange-211
Name: Orange-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Orange-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Orange-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  5-Orange-311 Code:  5-Orange-221 Code:  5-Orange-231
Name: Orange-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Peach-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Peach-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  5-Orange-331 Code:  5-Peach-211 Code:  5-Peach-311
Name: Peach-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Pink-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Pink-Md-Trans-Plain
Code:  5-Peach-231 Code:  5-Pink-111 Code:  5-Pink-211
Name: Pink-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Red-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Red-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  5- Pink-221 Code:  5-Red-211 Code:  5-Red-231
Name: Rose-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Rose-Dk-Translucent-Plain  
Code:  5-Rose-221 Code:  5-Rose-321  




Name: Crystal-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Crystal-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Momy-Md-Translucent-Plain
Code:  6-Crystal-111 Code:  6-Crystal-211 Code:  6-Momy-221







Name: Momy Gray-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: White-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: White-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  6-Momy Gray-221 Code:  6-White-131 Code:  6-White-231



Name: Amber-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Amber-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Beige-Md-Opaque-Plain
Code:  7-Amber-211 Code:  7-Amber-311 Code:  7-Beige-231
Name: Golden Topaz-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: Golden Topaz-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Khaki-Lt-Opaque-Plain
Code:  7-Golden Topaz-131 Code:  7-Golden Topaz-331 Code:  7-Khaki-131
Name: Khaki-Md-Opaque-Plain Name: Lime Topaz-Lt-Trans-Plain Name: Lime Topaz-Dk-Trans-Plain
Code:  7-Khaki-231 Code:  7-Lime Topaz-111 Code:  7-Lime Topaz-311
Name: Lime Topaz-Lt-Opaque-Plain Name: Lime Topaz-Dk-Opaque-Plain Name: Smokey Topaz-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  7-Lime Topaz-131 Code:  7-Lime Topaz-331 Code:  7-Smokey Topaz-111
Name: Smokey Topaz-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Smokey Topaz-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Topaz-Lt-Trans-Plain
Code:  7-Smokey Topaz-211 Code:  7-Smokey Topaz-311 Code:  7-Topaz-111
Name: Topaz-Md-Trans-Plain Name: Topaz-Dk-Trans-Plain Name: Topaz-Md-Translucent-Plain
Code:  7-Topaz-211 Code:  7-Topaz-311 Code:  7-Topaz-221
Name: Yellow-Md-Translucent-Plain Name: Yellow-Md-Opaque-Plain                                     
Code:  7-Yellow-221 Code:  7-Yellow-231  


      With the divine blessing of my mother Mrs Aruna Sharma, on this fortunate moment i would like to dedicate
       this mushki's "Mantone color chart" to my friend, Ms Manju,  a great designer, an entrepreneur  who took me along with herself in to this beautiful world of color jewellery , and  gave me the opportunity to serve and  to make organize this vast cottage industry.

Once during a designing workshop in our factory she got upset and was wondering if we could ever had any organized, scientific color chart of the glasses itself (not paper, paint or fabric) actually available in India. Ever since i was dreaming to make one such that can be handy to all the color jewellery designers.

 Today on 15th July, 2005,  i am uploading this chart just to celebrate her birth day with all of you color jewellery lovers, and will pray to god to make her life full of sparkling enchanting& lively colors.

     This, my dream"Mantone Color chart" can not be materialized with out the help of  our glass bead associate Mr anuj Maheshwari.
     We the artisans, and all the team members at Mushki's will always eagerly wait for your valuable feedback towards the enhancement of this color chart
...............Prageet Sharma

(ceo & md,)